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Artist Statement

Working with clay has truly been a life changing experience. It once used to be a field of study in college, but now a destination to relieve stress, find sanctuary and explore forms, spectrum colors and textures. In many ways, pottery mimics life. It is a collaborative effort between my will and the clay’s. Each time I set the clay in front of me, the end result isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but a better version.

My functional work is about beauty and aesthetics. These pieces work hard to serve everyday, but when it is idle, it must also serve to please the eye and be held and adored. This is where the forms, colors and textures come to play.

The clay medium has a lifetime of stories to tell,… my own story has only just begun.



Board Member, Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California(ACGA)
Exhibiting Member since 2014

Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild(OVCAG)-Workshops Chairperson
Member since 2012 -present

ClaySpace Ceramic arts Center Resident Artist


Website: www.2frogsceramics.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/2Frogsceramicarts
Instagram: www.instagram.com/2frogsstudio/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miki2Frogs


2018   March
Soda-Wood Fire Workshop
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA

2018   March
Korean Ceramics: Past, Present and Beyond
Visiting Artist Residency and Exhibitions programing coordinator
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA

2018  April
Pit Fire Workshop
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA

2018  June
Clay Carnival Presenter: Korean Sanggam Style
1-day mini hands-on demonstration
Clay Planet, Santa Clara, CA


2017 April
YiXing Art Museum – International Ceramic Artist Symposium and Exhibition

2017 April
Invited Artist – Fourth “Hong Guang Zi Qi” International Ceramic Art Cultural Exchange Week YiXing, China

2017  September
2-Day Teapot Workshop
Blossom Hill Crafts, Los Gatos, CA

2017  November
5-Day Pit Fire Workshop
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA

6-Week Teapot Course Instructor Spring Session
6-Week hand-building Instructor Summer Session
6-Week Hand-building Instructor Fall Session
Higher Fire Clayspace and Gallery, San Jose, CA


2016 March
Purposeful Pottery– National Juried Exhibition
Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA

2016 March
America’s ClayFest IV – National Juried Exhibition
Art League of Lincoln, Lincoln, CA

2016 June
Stories: Selected works by Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild
The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA


2015 March
“Deconstructing the Teapot”- artist demonstration
Clay Carnival-OVCAG, Clay Planet, Santa Clara, CA

2015 April
California Clay Competition
The Artery, Davis, CA

2015 April
2nd Annual Teapot Show – National Juried Exhibition
Alpha Fired Arts, Sacramento, Ca

2015 April
America’s ClayFest III
– National Juried Exhibition
Art League of Lincoln, Lincoln CA

2015 June
Watertight: Juried OVCAG Member Exhibition
Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont, CA


2012 March
“earth : sky” – Solo Ceramics Exhibition
Brainforest Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012 February
Winter Art Collective – Group Exhibition
Healing Foundations, Chicago, IL

2012 January
ClaySpace Resident Artist Exhibition – Group Exhibition
Warrenville, IL

2011 April
A Family Affair – Solo Exhibition
ClaySpace Ceramics Center, Warrenville, IL

2010 August
Art Changing the View – Juried Regional Exhibition
Spartan Square, Romeoville, IL


2014  “Art review: America’s ClayFest II in Placer County” The Sacramento Bee (sacbee.com), May 15, 2014


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, Didn’t see an email contact so I hope this works. Your work is quite beautiful. I bought few cups as a gift at Haymaker and the person to whom they were given asked if the glazing was safe to drink from. I assume so but thought I should double check. Thanks.


  2. Haha, I was looking for an email too! I found an envelope last night when I was sorting through an old pile of this and that. It was for 2frog studio, and it was about “bringing the Business of Art to the Digital Age”. Is this you and are you still doing this? Thanks!


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