New Work

I work in batches of time and project.

If I work at all!

This summer has been marked by how many miles driven from one drop-off or pick-up point of child #1 and child #2. In between the miles, I have 1 – 2 hours to down time when I procrastinate and catch up on the latest binge show. I could say that I am working on new forms in my head as I do various household chores. But I did no work in my head or the chores.

My one accomplishment for myself this summer was taking a workshop at the Sierra Nevada College with Nick Schwartz on breaking rules in pottery. I decided to take this workshop because it was a good excuse to get out of town and hang out in North Lake Tahoe! And also because, I felt a little stuck in the narrow view of where my work was heading—lines and stamps.

With Nick’s encouragement, I found a freedom of letting go of the idea of perfection. Perfection of form and construction.  Not imperfection, or lack of good construction. It’s more of a dialog of movement between me and the lump of clay.

As a functional potter, it’s difficult for me to cross that line of where function and sculpture start to blur. This is where my work starts at the middle. Definitely a far departure from the ultra-functionality of the past year’s work.


These are some pieces from the summer, the rest  are waiting for the wood fire season to start in November.

2 thoughts on “New Work”

  1. Hi Miki Love your Teapots, I try to remind myself that perfection is the enemy of done and stand back and say “that’s it”

    I am continually exploring the boundaries of the clay and glazes. I work predominantly in Porcelain and fine white stoneware and like to leave clay unglazed or clear glazed allowing the Kiln to provide surface texture and form to create visual interest.

    My work is both functional and sculptural, useful and beautiful, I conceive of it is as beautiful because it is useful and useful because it is beautiful. From this perspective there is no essential difference between ceramic art and functional pottery


    Graham 0409 335 841



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