Making Teapots Workshop!

Making Teapots Workshop with Miki! September 9 & 10, 2017

This is a 2-day, hands-on wheel workshop to make teapots with me at Blossom Hill Crafts in Los Gatos, CA

Cost: $150
Limit: 15 participants


A spout, lid and a handle placed just right on a vessel is all you need to make a teapot. So, why is this a concept that is so difficult in practice? Does it dribble as it pours? Does the lid not fit? Is the handle uncomfortable to hold and to serve?

This 2-day workshop will focus on bringing together the various elements that is necessary to make a functioning teapot.

Saturday, Sept 9th, 12:30-5:30pm
Day One will start with a presentation by Miki Shim-Rutter and her teapot story followed by a demonstration of making each pieces and consideration for how to plan for bringing it all together. Participants will make several teapot forms, lids, spouts and handles.

Sunday, Sept 10th, 10am-4pm
Day Two will continue with demonstration of how the parts come together with special focus on fitting lids, attaching spouts and handles.

Participants will learn to throw off the hump, trimming off a wet chuck, making lids to fit, and various handle techniques.

Whether your tea of choice is for loose leaf, or tea bag, English black tea or pu-erh, the right teapot enhances your enjoyment and create conversation when shared.

Let’s make one,…or many, together!

Please bring your own throwing and trimming tools, a various sized hole cutters, a snack and your favorite tea cup.


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