No Excuses….

except for the fact that I was preoccupied! Last post was in March.

Today I woke up with my sore shoulders and tired eyes but with a new purpose after this weekend’s showing at the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival with ACGA. My first opportunity as a new ACGA-Exhibiting Artist. While I tried to keep my expectations level, my ambition was big.


It was a beautiful day and my booth looked presentable. As I toured other artists booths, they reminded me of mini-galleries…mental note, think GALLERY!


New this year are these nesting bowls. Currently exploring various colors that include this one above that is made with red clay and my own glaze recipe called Amber. Other colors currently in the mix are: Hamada, Yellow Salt, Flambe, and Blue Celadon. All high fire reduction glazes on white clay. Sizes range from a small 2″ diameter to a large platter size. Looking to expand the form offerings to cream and sugar and condiment arrangements

I have also updated the Events page to include the next showings coming up in November and December in SF Bay Area. Hope you will look me up and see the new pieces I’ve been working on.

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