Succulent Garden of Failed Pots

When we moved out here to SF Bay Area, I have fallen in fascination for luscious succulents. There are so many varieties, sizes, colors and textures, it’s hard to choose just a handful. Hence the hour spent at the garden center choosing a few to fill 2 medium sized pots. I picked out little ones knowing they will fill eventually. But me being rather impatient, went back to pick up a few more and stuffed the pot. Well, it’s quite full, one might even say it’s overflowing, but loving it! Some are even blooming pretty flowers.


A few days ago, we were visiting with a friend who asked about my failed pots…reluctantly, I mentioned I have quite a few waiting for the trash can. She suggested using them to plant succulents after seeing a nursery who had an assortment of succulents arranged in their garden.

I went home and started breaking up a few of my own failed pots, and some not so perfect ones! Again, I noticed how my throwing skill have greatly improved! The walls were even throughout and bottoms were equally sturdy and evenly trimmed. I also noticed how sturdy they were, I had to use a metal hammer and with quite a bit of force. Some just broke in 3 pieces instead of the drain hole I was hoping for.



IMG_3761 IMG_3758


There you have it. Succulent garden of failed pots. Make sure you hammer out a drainage hole in the bottom. If you have teapots with sturdy handles, maybe even let it hang from the handle and let the spout be your drainage hole.

These failures are beautiful again. Be careful though, you might start breaking up some of your successes just to add to your garden!

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