In Search for Zenscape – Part 1

Studio potter looking for a new studio to call home in the SF Bay Area.

Now an official resident of California, well actually, the lease started March 1st, but just registered my car and got my license transferred this week. It has been a long 3 months of quitting my job, packing, driving out from Chicago to SF…twice, graduation of our son from college, unpacking and getting the two little guys settled in their new school and acclimating the our new neighborhood, city, and state. I’m leaving out a lot more of our mini-adventures around our new home, but I’ll try to work those into my blog posts along the way.

My latest adventure is to find a new clay home.

Original plan was to set up a mini studio and hook up my kiln in the garage. I’m rethinking that strategy now. Maybe I’ve become spoiled with my set up in Chicago, but working in the garage with the bikes, scooters the car and unpacked boxes (on shelves waiting for our next move), just doesn’t seem like the place where I can escape to my world…I called it “zenscape”.

The closest ceramic studio I found is 22 miles north towards San Francisco. (I will be visiting with them soon and post an update.) Or 35 miles into San Jose to the south. Yes, I live in the suburbs by all description, in the shadows of Silicon Valley with the brilliant minds of engineers, programmers and venture capitalists.

But I will prevail. I will make a home for my clay.

In the mean time, my 2Frogs Studio on Etsy shop has been repopulated with new work…some slightly older. They made it even easier to shop by allowing credit cards use. More options for payment than just PayPal.

Stay tuned for new developments of “In Search for Zenscape”

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