What’s Next?

I want to thank everyone who made the walk at Ravenswood ArtWalk in Chicago this past weekend. It was a beautiful weekend with plenty of sunshine, lots of beautiful art to see,… and a lot of walking if you took full advantage.

Next is the Lycée Francaise’s Fall French Market on Oct 15-16th. I don’t have full details yet, but will update as soon as I have them.

On feature will be the Carved Series and the new forms in the Pebbles Series.

Form by Miki, carved by Lance Rutter
Carved Vase Detail

Carved is a series that Lance and I worked in collaboration. I create the forms and Lance designs the surface. I think it’s a perfect expression of fall. Settle in with a war cup of tea poured from one of these teapots… I personally prefer one of the black teas with a little milk to sip with my annual knitting project or a good chick book. You know the ones with a little laughter, a little tear and a happy ending at the end. The glaze is also applied in a way to enhance the texture and highlight the various surface impressions. While it is difficult to achieve guess at how the glaze might move on a pot, especially with carvings, its always a happy surprise when the kiln is opened after 18 hours of final glaze firing.

Pebbles Vases

Pebbles…that’s the name that came to mind when we photographed the earlier forms. They looked like pebbles in a stream of water, peaceful and tranquil. Working on these forms were just as theraputic for me. Here I’ve used my usual red caramel glaze and tourquoise glaze. I’m finding that these two provide me with so many options its great to work with, but I’ve determined that they have a mind of its own when it comes to how they play with each other. Kind of like raising children! At least they play nice.

I premiered these Pebbles vases at the Ravenswood ArtWalk and that is when I discovered the real beauty of these pots. The glaze seem to have magical properties (I even considered changing their name to Opals). My booth was drench in southern exposure and the pots with the red caramel glazes shined and glittered and the matte turquoise glazes sparkled. WOW! I need more sunlight in my studio was what I was thinking! Lance…? Anyway, this glaze offers so much diversity, you will be seeing a lot more of this glaze on my pots.

More on the Fall French Market soon.

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