Gallery107 Featured Artist Exhibitioin: A Family Affair

A Family Affair is an exhibition held at Gallery107 at ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Studio in Warrenville. As a featured artist, I prepared an exhibition theme that is close to my heart as a way to celebrating and showing my appreciation for their emotional support, inspiration and love.

Artist Statement:
By day, I’m a commercial artist. But at heart, I’m simply an artist working to find the voice that allows me to express my personal ideas of beauty. Ceramic arts have been a love of mine since my college days, but I had to put that love aside in order to build a career. Now ceramics are back in my life in a way that has been nothing short of transformational.

Because my family is at the center of both my life and my visual world, they have become an inspiration—and participants in a collaborative artistic journey. The electric kiln that has been in my basement studio over the past two years allows me to spend more time at home and, more importantly, gives me the means to share creative time with my husband and two little boys. We’ve all come to value the times that we can spend in the studio together.

This exhibition is open to the public but requires an appointment. Please contact ClaySpace for viewing: 630-393-CLAY,

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