Dimpled… Like a Golf Ball!

An update to a previous post on Dimples Series.

Dimples Series Exclusively at The Haymaker Shop in Andersonville, Chicago, Illinois.

These playfully dimpled pots are hand made teapots, cups and bowls are only available at The Haymaker Shop. Semi-gloss white glaze in side with white and red glaze outside. The overlap of the red glaze over the white turns the color to a golden brown, very little to no movement of the glaze. Bottom half of the pots have dimpled texture much like you would see on a golf ball…about the same size as well. The red glaze pools into the dimples accentuating the textures.

Teacups form to your hand as you cradle them in your hand. Teapot handles have a very playful attitude, some swooping all the way over the top and others looped onto itself with confidence.

All are made by hand, hand thrown body, spout and lid with pulled handles.
Lead-free glaze is dishwasher safe, but recommend hand washing with warm water.

White stoneware, high-fired to cone 6 in oxidation, electric kiln.

For more teapots, please visit my Teapots page, visit 2FrogsStudio @Etsy.

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