Miki Shim-Rutter at The Haymaker Shop Grand Opening Sat. June 4th, 5pm-8pm

It is official, you will now be able to shop for my pottery at  The Haymaker Shop in Andersonville, 5507 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL. The Grand Opening is schedule for June 4th, with celebrations starting at 5pm. Hope you will come out to visit and shop with me.

The Haymaker Shop will be featuring furniture, home decor, utilitarian objects, and art, specializing in handcrafted and sustainably-sourced items made by artists in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas. The pieces from my studio will be exclusive to Haymaker and will not be available anywhere else. These pieces are hand selected by the shop owner, Arrin Williams and developed for the aesthetic of the shop’s concept. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown below, please contact the shop directly. info@haymakershop.com




2 thoughts on “Miki Shim-Rutter at The Haymaker Shop Grand Opening Sat. June 4th, 5pm-8pm”

  1. I love the Eggs! I purchased two of the vases from Haymaker in the past few weeks. The shapes, the small holes, and the glazing are wonderful. Keep up the good work.


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