Sometimes, inspiration finds you. And makes you pay $1.

Story of how a 5 year old inspired the Kissipupu Tribe Vessels.

Like most parents you have or have had a drawing from your child on your refrigerator, office wall or bulletin board.  I’ve even had a collection of paper bead necklaces hanging from my rear view mirror of my car to show my boys that I want to see their gift every day while I drive to work. The smiles on their faces are worth the obstruction of view while driving.

You start collecting and collecting, and eventually some “mysteriously” disappear. And as you sort for the next disappearance, your eye catches on a piece of work and you stop and think, smile and even wonder at the brilliance in their color choices or brush strokes. Right. Maybe this child might be the next Miro, or Dali, or Picasso! So we continue to collect paintings, trinkets, clay globs and pasta stuck on paper with glue and glitter…and more glitter. Display them prominently on your cabinet door, window ledge, etc.

When our son Matthew was 5 yrs old, he was asked what he wanted to be when he grows up. He answered, “I want to be an artist who sold a lot of stuff.” So then one day, when he drew a sketch, signed his name and wrote a $1 price tag, he expected his parents to pay. Art in our house does not come free. So I bought a sketch. I paid him $1 and posted it on my studio wall. And one afternoon, this sketch became a sculptue and he named it Kissipupu.

Original Sketch of Kissipupu - Matthew Age 5
Kissipupu Tribe: Candy, Dotty, Skipper & Bruce

And so the Kissipupu Tribe was formed. One Kissipupu, then another, then another. Each developing a personality of it’s own. I don’t know exactly how their personalities developed… the clay has a mind of their own and ask to be brought to life. I just listen.

How does inspiration find you? Have an open mind and the possibilities present themselves in the most unexpected ways. Will you also create a sculpture? Write a story? Sew a quilt?

Leave a comment to this post and share your inspiration story with me.


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