It’s in the works…

Bisqued pots ready to glaze

Sometimes, pots are beautiful even without the glaze,… in fact, sometimes, i’m in love even before it gets to the first firing. The trick is to not to blow it up in the bisque firing or mess it up with the wrong glaze.

I thought I would try out my iPhone’s picture quality… it’s not bad.

These pots survived the bisque firing. Thank goodness because the espresso cups are a special order, already paid for. And the other one is a darling little soy sauce pot… a tiny teapot? Pretend tea party teapot? It’s only about 5 in tall. I was hoping that the leaves would give away its size but it’s not really doing its job. I will glaze tomorrow and fire on Wednesday and hopefully on Friday, I can post the finished piece. Success or failure, I will post my results.

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Thursday, November 10th.

Glaze firing was a success! While the little tea pot did survive the glazing, it is unfortunately a sample pot. Reasons? The spout was mis-engineered. Who thought that being a potter means you need to have an understanding of chemistry and engineering! The spout does not function because it’s not attached at a reasonable angle for liquid to pour properly. Additionally, the glaze from the inside of the spout tip did not adhere well, so the liquid drips from the spout. All in all, it looks good, but it would be classified as a non-functional item. I will post photo of that soon.

I do have photos of the esspresso cups with the saucers that were special ordered for Jenny from my 2Frogs Studio Shop on Etsy.

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